Oh, hi there!

I’d say it’s about time for an update. Blogging is a challenge for me because I want everything to be perfect before posting. I really want to get better at just putting myself out there – even with mistakes – so I’m trying again!

I finally faced reality to see when my last blog post was . . .Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.44.07 PM

Oh, yeah, that was the day I found out I was pregnant with Oliver! It’s no wonder I haven’t finished my NYC posts or anything else since then. I planned to blog during my pregnancy but then I was frustrated that I never finished talking about my NYC Marathon experience, so my blog sat here neglected.

Then I thought once Oliver was born, I would have the time to get my blog updated and then I could begin blogging about my new, perfect child. Well, turns out, I was completely wrong. Not only did I not have time to blog once Oliver was here, I really didn’t want to. I’ve shared many pictures, thoughts, etc on my social media outlets, but it’s been hard to actually open up my blog to begin. Today, I’m changing that.

I read two articles yesterday that really hit home. First, The Flyway – Musings On Motherhood. While I don’t completely relate to everything mentioned, I made a connection. Second, I read What No One Tells You About C-Section Guilt. Since I discovered both of these articles at the same time I’ve been tugging at myself to begin blogging again, I took it as a sign that I am ready.

I think I’m finally ready to open up and put together my thoughts (in writing) about Oliver’s birth story and the months that followed. Stay tuned.

#jentonyc – day 2

Thank goodness for NYC adrenaline! It got me through day 2! My luggage was supposed to arrive first at 11pm, then 3am, then 6am, so I didn’t sleep very well in fear that I wouldn’t hear the call that my luggage had arrived. We got up early to head for the TODAY show! (My luggage was at the hotel by time we got back, yay!) We were looking forward to this TODAY show because it was the annual Halloween show!

NYC Marathon 2015 - 42 of 431
Yay!!! So excited!!
NYC Marathon 2015 - 44 of 431

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After the TODAY show, I picked up my luggage and then Deanna and I went for our last run before the big day on Sunday! And of course, we went to Central Park! The day was absolutely beautiful, and NYC actually gets a fall season, so the trees were especially gorgeous! I ran a 5k with a smile on my face the entire time, such a dream come true!

After we completed our run, we made our way to the TCS NYC Marathon finish line! A little more than 48 hours later, we would both be crossing that line as NYC Marathon Finishers!

After our run, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the rest of our day!

NYC Marathon 2015 - 125 of 431
Yes, both slices were for me. . .

My friend, Stephanie, lives in NYC, and was around when I was in town so we met up! She treated me to some delicious tea while we had a chance to catch up on the last 8 years. Stephanie and I went to OCU together, where SAI brought us together. This was one of the highlights of my weekend! Stephanie is a beacon of light and getting to spend a little time with her was encouraging as I headed into marathon weekend!

NYC Marathon 2015 - 130 of 431
Selfie with StephJo!

Deanna and I were lucky to be one of the few Team for Kids runners that were able to participate in the NYC Marathon Opening Ceremonies. We got to meet other participants that fundraised and trained at the same time we put in our efforts. It was neat to visit with first-timers as well as the veteran Team for Kids runners.

NYC Marathon 2015 - 185 of 431
It was so cool to meet the group I’ve been connected with online for so many months!

Before the ceremony officially started, we were delightfully surprised with getting to meet kids that have directly benefited from our fundraising efforts. (All the feels, y’all!!)

NYC Marathon 2015 - 150 of 431

The opening ceremonies began with Team for Kids as we marched around the NYC Marathon finish line, and then a group from every country represented in the marathon followed. Each group carried their country’s flag, some of each group dressed in their traditional attire, and most groups showed off some musical and/or dancing traditions. WOW! It was incredible!

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So, Deanna and I were hungry so we decided to leave the opening ceremonies before they were officially over. (And we were trying to limit the amount of time on our feet!) As we were leaving the grandstand, I spotted my good friend Meb. Just like when I met him in July, I was starstruck! I’m sure Deanna thought I was crazy, all I could say was, “Meb, Meb, Meb, Meb,” as I poked her shoulder to get her attention.

NYC Marathon 2015 - 177 of 431
Meb wished ME good luck after taking this picture!! What?! 

Meb went to take center stage and we left for dinner! We met up with Deanna’s husband, her daughter, and her daughter’s friend. (Again, have I mentioned how cool it was to travel with real New Yorkers?!) We ate at a wonderful meatball restaurant, they even encouraged marathon runners to eat there! (I didn’t mention I was a Royals fan while I was there…)

After dinner, it was bed time! Friday night was our night to sleep because on Saturday night our excitement would keep us up! (Okay, and the fear that we would miss all the alarms and wake-up call with the time change!)

#jentonyc – day 1

Oh my goodness, so it’s been way too long since I’ve updated my blog! I get so worried that every blog post has to be perfect, when in reality I need to just write so here goes…

(I still will update with my training posts, but for now, I am going to talk about NYC!) 🙂

The start of day 1! Obviously I was looking forward to this trip. I love to travel, and I love weekends that I get to be surrounded by people from all walks of life coming together for one event. I have previously been to NYC twice, once on a personal trip and once on a band trip. I have enjoyed my time in NYC in my past two visits, but it was never a place I loved…until this trip.

NYC Marathon 2015 - 2 of 431
Early morning flight!
NYC Marathon 2015 - 7 of 431
Hello, NYC!

While I was happy to be in NYC, shortly after taking this pic I found out that my luggage was not in NYC with me. Luckily, I packed all of my running gear in my carry-on, so I wasn’t too stressed. (And David helped me track everything while I was out enjoying NYC!)

After taking care of all the paperwork for lost luggage, I was ready to meet my friend, Deanna, at the hotel so we could get to the expo! I used Uber for the first time and then Deanna and I made our way to the expo! (BTW, it was super nice getting to travel with a native New Yorker!)

NYC Marathon 2015 - 16 of 431
Subway selfie!
NYC Marathon 2015 - 20 of 431
We have ARRIVED!
NYC Marathon 2015 - 24 of 431
Deanna picking up her FIRST MARATHON bib!

Of course I was really excited for this opportunity to run the NYC Marathon, but I was also extremely happy for Deanna as she was running her FIRST full marathon! Bib pick-up was very easy! Since we were with Team for Kids, we walked right up and got our bibs. This was the first marathon expo where I didn’t feel like I was going to throw-up the entire time because of nerves. At the time I was worried that I wasn’t excited, or maybe since we went to the expo on Thursday instead of the day before it hadn’t hit me yet, but as the weekend went on, I realized I was just confident in my training, and finally understood that whatever happens on race day, happens. I accomplished 18 weeks of training and raised money for an incredible organization…no matter my finishing time, I felt like I had made a difference!

NYC Marathon 2015 - 29 of 431
All SMILES all weekend!
NYC Marathon 2015 - 41 of 431
Expo goodies!

After getting back to the hotel, Deanna and I went out for dinner at a local diner. I was already feeling the NYC love.

NYC Marathon Training — Week 11

As much as I enjoy the “freedom” while not marathon training, I really operate best when I have a plan in place. This week and last have played with my head a bit because I’ve had to adjust mileage plans to accommodate my life outside of running, but I think I’m still on track overall.

Day 2, Tuesday, September 8th: 5 miles

I didn’t have the most exciting run in itself, but afterwards I realized I was finally on track again to achieve my mileage goal for 2015!  

You can see how windy it was NOT during my run!
Because sometimes I take random pictures while I’m running.

Workout summary: ran 5.01 miles; avg 10:49/mile; 11:48 / 10:38 / 10:35 / 10:47 / 10:17.

Day 4, Thursday, September 10th: 8 miles

Spent a little time with the moon and Venus!

Workout summary: ran 8.01 miles; avg 11:11/mile; 11:41 / 11:25 / 11:18 / 11:06 / 10:58 / 11:24 / 11:05 / 10:30.

Day 5, Friday, September 11th: 18 miles

It made the most sense for me to get in my long run on Friday morning, and I got it done! I’m thankful for a job that gives me such great flexibility. Although I think I reached a new level of crazy for taking personal time off work to run 18 miles . . .

First run in my newest tank . . . BOOMER SOONER!
As seen on my run part 1
As seen on my run part 2
Dedicated my run to those that can’t run. I hope I was able to send strength to those that needed an extra hug today.

Workout summary: ran 18.02 miles; avg 11:31/mile; 11:44 / 11:10 / 11:19 / 12:04 / 11:07 / 11:01 / 11:37 / 11:22 / 11:18 / 11:42 / 11:32 / 11:38 / 12:06 / 12:05 / 11:49 / 11:32 / 11:21 / 10:51.

Day 7, Sunday, September 13th: 6 miles

I wasn’t exactly sure what today’s mileage held for me, so I set a goal of 5 – 8 miles. I ran 6 miles, so I’m happy. I slept in and it was a bit warm and windy, but thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I got the miles done!

Love my newest Oiselle top and thankful my Garmin didn’t die since I hadn’t charged it all week!

Workout summary: ran 6.01 miles; avg 11:00/mile; 11:26 / 10:46 / 10:48 /10:53 / 11:18 / 10:53.

Ended the week with 37.05 miles!

NYC Marathon Training — Week 10

August mileage = highest monthly mileage for me ever!

Day 2, Tuesday, September 1st: 4 miles

Zapped that zero on my first run of September!

Workout summary: ran 4.01 miles; avg 11:34/mile; 11:52 / 11:32 / 11:45 / 11:08.

Day 3, Wednesday, September 2nd: 8 miles

So, I reeeeeally don’t like running in the dark, but I had a meeting at 9 AM and the temps are just too hot for 8 miles after work . . . I sucked it up, and ran super early in the dark. I ran my favorite 5 mile loop by our house, stopped for Gatorade at home, and then went out for the last 3 miles. I am still laughing about this autocorrect mishap, so thought I would share! 🙂

Got it done! And with a decent pace for myself!

Workout summary: ran 8.01 miles; avg 11:18/mile; 12:07 / 11:29 / 11:19 / 11:14 / 11:09 / 11:25 / 11:04 / 10:28.

Day 4, Thursday, September 3rd: 4 miles

I never really have much to say about my Thursday runs . . . I’ll take that as a good thing. A run without craziness like my friend Layla says!

Workout summary: ran 4.03 miles; avg 10:49/mile; 11:19 / 10:47 / 10:48 / 10:25.

Day 6, Saturday, September 5: 17 miles

Saturdays are typically a shorter long run, sometimes at race pace . . . but with our plans to attend the OU game, I decided it would be better to just knock out those long miles! We had a crew up at Lake Hefner, and so pleased with the results!

Anjesh, Katie, and I after I finished my 17 miles! Fun to see water at Lake Hefner and VERY thankful for these friends to join me for the later miles to keep me moving!
Our crazy crew! Special congrats to Stephanie for her longest run ever…20 miles!!!
Birthday brunch for the best SAG wagon ever! 🙂 Classen Grill with our running buddies!

Workout summary: ran 17.02 miles; avg 11:30/mile; 11:46 / 11:28 / 11:42 / 11:15 / 11:06 / 11:40 / 11:31 / 11:45 / 12:05 / 11:21 / 12:09 / 11:13 / 11:15 / 11:08 / 11:15 / 11:35 / 11:19.

Day 7, Sunday, September 6: 8 3 miles

Saturday was supposed to be 8 at race pace followed by 17 today. As I mentioned earlier I planned to swap the two runs. Well after yesterday’s run, walking over 4 miles as a part of game day, and being out in the heat. . . I decided to compromise. David was kind enough to drag me along for a 5k around home. It wasn’t race pace, it wasn’t my expected mileage, but I listened to my body, had great company, and we had popsicles after together! 🙂

Workout summary: ran 3.1 miles; avg 12:14/mile; 12:11 / 12:23 / 12:08 / 11:51 for .1.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 9

Day 2, Tuesday, August 25th: 4 miles

I focused a lot on my why during this run. It is truly an honor to run for Team for Kids. I am so encouraged by my supporters and the hope that I might make a difference in lives of children!

Workout summary: ran 4.06 miles; avg 11:25/mile; 11:24 / 11:35 / 11:24 / 11:19.

Day 3, Wednesday, August 26th: 5 miles

Today I daydreamed about my marathon finishing time starting with a 4.

Workout summary: ran 5.03 miles; avg 10:42/mile; 11:51 / 10:44 / 10:32 / 10:28 / 9:58 (!!!).

Day 4, Thursday, August 27th: 4 miles

A popsicle after my run is now a must!

Workout summary: ran 4.01 miles; avg 11:04/mile; 11:57 / 11:19 / 10:45 / 10:18.

Day 6, Saturday, August 29th: 5 miles

I slept in so only managed to get in 5 miles instead of my planned 7 so I could get to my hair appointment in time! After being featured on Runkeeper for sharing my goal, they sent me one of their new shirts! During my run I wore my old Runkeeper shirt, and wore my new shirt during the day!

Workout summary: ran 5.01 miles; avg 10:23/mile; 10:56 / 9:56 (!!!) / 10:32 / 10:17 / 10:14.

When I came home I had no idea it would be my last time to return home to my kitty, ZaZu. Later that day we had to say goodbye to our buddy. 😦 Another blog post on another day to write it all out, but I wanted to share one of the last pictures I took of ZaZu. Already miss him so much!

Day 7, Sunday, August 30th: 14 miles

Today was just mostly a healing run for me. Heart was still very heavy after the loss of ZaZu. Jamie ran with me for the first 11 miles, and then I ran the final 3 alone with David checking on me. My heart hurts, but running helps me feel at peace.

Workout summary: ran 14.38 miles; avg 11:51/mile; 12:11 / 12:02 / 12:08 / 12:21 / 11:45 / 11:49 / 11:57 / 11:40 / 12:25 / 11:25 / 13:00 / 11:19 / 11:04 / 11:19 / 10:48 for .38.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 8

Day 2, Tuesday, August 18th: 4 miles

Caught a beautiful sunset instead of the sunrise for this run. Paid no attention to my watch and just took it easy!

Workout summary: ran 4.02 miles; avg 11:43/mile; 11:58 / 11:21 / 12:11 / 11:31.

Day 3, Wednesday, August 19th: 7 miles

Another evening run, and I thought the “cool” temperatures that arrived in Oklahoma would feel amazing . . . and it did not! But I tried a new route and I finished with a good pace!

Workout summary: ran 7.02 miles; avg 10:52/mile; 10:55 / 10:47 / 10:51 / 11:16 / 10:35 / 10:55 / 10:44.

Day 4, Thursday, August 20th: 4 miles

Now the cool morning temps . . . AMAZING!

Workout summary: ran 4.01 miles; avg 11:22/mile; 11:44 / 11:05 / 11:48 / 10:51.

Day 6, Saturday, August 22nd: 7 miles

Motivation hasn’t come easy this week, and today I didn’t have any plans to meet anyone so I ended up sleeping in waaaaay too late. The highlight of my run was running by a Pride of Oklahoma rehearsal – I got my own pep rally for the middle of my run!  The weather was also crazy. It started out very hot, sunny, and humid. As you can see below, clouds moved in. I called David and he said only light showers were in the area. I could feel the cold air blowing in, but only felt sprinkles. By time I got to mile 6.5, the hot sun returned!

Workout summary: ran 7.02 miles; avg 11:08/mile; 11:12 / 11:04 / 11:08 / 11:32 / 10:58 / 11:08 / 10:52.

Day 7, Sunday, August 23rd: 15 miles

Well, today was not good for me. My motivation was low, and we started running around 8 AM to wait out storms in the area. The heat didn’t seem to really bother me overall, I just had a bad attitude. But, even though I shed some tears, I didn’t give up and got in all of my miles!

Workout summary: ran 15.01 miles; avg 12:11/mile; 11:58 / 11:18 / 11:15 / 12:32 / 12:54 / 13:19 / 12:14 / 11:18 / 12:01 / 12:14 / 12:19 / 11:45 / 12:46 / 12:07 / 12:36.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 7

Day 1, Monday, August 10th: my 31st birthday!!

As you probably know by now, I am fundraising for Team for Kids for the NYC Marathon! I am SO HAPPY to announce that on my 31st birthday, I met my fundraising goal!!!!

Day 2, Tuesday, August 11th: 4 miles

David got me a  super awesome NEW Garmin for my birthday so today was my last run with my first Garmin.

Workout summary: 4.03 miles; avg 11:09/mile; 11:42 / 10:59 / 11:23 / 10:35.

Day 3, Wednesday, August 12th: 7 miles

First run with my NEW Garmin and I already love it!!

Workout summary: ran 7.01 miles; avg 10:58/mile; 11:32 / 11:01 / 10:57 / 11:43 / 10:36 / 10:31 / 10:25.

Day 4, Thursday, August 13th: 4 miles

One of my favorite shirts!!

Workout summary: ran 4.01 miles; avg 10:31/mile; 10:56 / 10:26 / 10:57 / 9:46 (!!!).

Day 6, Saturday, August 15th: 7 miles (race pace)

Met Katie and Riley for a fun run around campus!

Workout summary: ran 7.41 miles; avg. 10:56/mile; 11:42 / 10:52 / 10:54 / 11:07 / 10:49 / 10:34 / 10:40 / 10:33 for .41.

Day 7, Sunday, August 16th: 14 miles

Today we ran my favorite route in OKC! And, I managed a great pace thanks to my speedy friends!

Workout summary: ran 14.03 miles; avg 11:07/mile; 12:12 / 11:22 / 11:07 / 11:11 / 10:58 / 10:49 / 11:41 / 11:51 / 10:57 / 10:36 / 10:35 / 10:35 / 11:30 / 10:11.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 6

Day 2, Tuesday, August 4th: 3 miles

Workout summary: ran  3.1 miles; avg pace 11:29/mile; 11:30 / 11:42 / 11:19 / 11:03 for .10.

Day 3, Wednesday, August 5th: 5 miles

I took Wednesday – Friday off of work to prepare for our wedding reception, so I started this run way later than I should have. . .it was hot!

Thankful for the shade!
Thankful for the shade!

Workout summary: ran 5.01 miles; avg. 10:50/mile; 11:24 / 10:35 / 11:17 / 10:30 / 10:27.

Day 4, Thursday, August 6th: 3 miles

Since I wasn’t super stressed about time this morning (and David was close by if I needed to call in case of an emergency!), I did a little exploring. I found a beautiful park close to our house! It will be nice to run over there for shorter runs!

I found a new park!

Workout summary: ran 3.12 miles; avg. 11:27/mile; 11:38 / 11:57 / 10:52 / 10:23 for .12.

Day 5, Friday, August 7th: rest day

Today was hardly a “rest” day since we had our wedding reception, but it was an unbelievably amazing day!! (More pictures to come in another blog post!)


Day 6, Saturday, August 8th: 9 miles

I knew I would be exhausted after the wedding reception, so Jamie was a real champ to take it easy on the pace! We saw some Sooner Football, and David and his sister made a wonderful SAG wagon!

Workout summary: ran 9 miles; avg 12:19/mile; 12:03 / 12:01 / 11:48 / 12:59 / 12:15 / 12:11 / 11:59 / 12:34 / 13:01.

Day 7, Sunday, August 9th: 6 miles (race pace)

I switched the days for my long run and my pace run thinking the extra day of rest would help . . . well, I was still exhausted from the wedding reception, so we started way late and race pace did not happen!

Love when David runs with me!! 🙂

Workout summary: ran 6.01 miles; avg 11:50/mile; 11:23 / 11:02 / 11:18 / 13:31 / 12:36 / 11:10.

NYC Marathon Training – Week 5

Day 1, Monday, July 27th: 10 miles

Since I couldn’t get in my long run, I took off a few morning hours of work to get the miles done…and I came home to see what the Jamba Juice Fairy (DAVID!!) left me!!! This was such a wonderful surprise after my first double digit training run for NYC!

Workout summary: ran 10.02 miles; avg pace 11:34/mile; 11:51 / 11:23 / 12:03 / 11:23 / 11:01 / 11:24 / 11:15 / 12:55 / 11:20 / 11:02.

Day 2, Tuesday, July 28: cross-training

Today I helped David unload all of Purcell NEW percussion equipment!

Day 3: Wednesday, July 29th: 5 miles  

Workout summary: ran 5.05 miles; avg pace 11:11/mile; 11:49 / 11:19 / 11:29 / 11:00 / 10:23.

Day 4, Thursday, July 30th: 3 miles

This was also my last run for the month of July. My total mileage was 101(.5) miles!! I am so happy to reach 100 miles in a month again, and really proud of myself that the longest run was 10 miles…I’m running more frequently!

Day 5, Friday, July 31st: rest day

David and I were fortunate enough to travel to Lawton to see our friend Joe graduate from Army BCT school!   

Our last group photo was at our wedding! ❤

Workout summary: hung out with awesome runner friends!

Day 6, Saturday, August 1st: 6 miles

Great to start to August with a run with Jamie in Norman!

Workout summary: ran 6.01 miles; avg pace 11:47 mile; 11:50 / 11:37 / 11:34 / 12:04 / 11:35 / 12:04.

Day 7, Sunday, August 2nd: 12 miles

Fun run in Norman with several friends! (Even Stephanie in her ORANGE!)

Workout summary: ran 12.01 miles; avg pace 11:46/mile; 12:17 / 11:59 / 11:29 / 11:36 / 11:03 / 11:15 / 11:02 / 11:45 / 12:38 / 13:51 / 11:50 / 10:23.