Five Things Friday 3/27

1. I started my blog! 

  • After years of talking about it, I finally just went for it! I have a lot to learn to get my site to look and operate how I would like, but it’s a start!  

2. Fundraiser kickoff! 

  • Because of generous donors, I’ve raised almost $400 for Team for Kids!!! (I have $155 in checks to mail in.) #bethechange

3. Hilgers are facebook official! 

  • David and I announced to the world that we got married in January at Walt Disney World. It is such a joy to share our good news with everyone!  

4. GoGirl Half Marathon!

  • I paced my first half marathon!  I can’t wait to do it again! Helping runners achieve their goal is so rewarding! This was also my 15th half marathon!  

5. Severe weather. 

  • It’s spring time in Oklahoma, and it’s not always pleasant.  Beyond thankful my family and friends are all okay! We practiced our severe weather procedures, and the pets all did great.

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 3/27

  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) March 27, 2015 / 11:12 pm

    Very very nice Jen!!! Welcome to the blogosphere!


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