5 days of THANK YOU!

WOW! I posted my marathon kickoff post 5 days ago, and I’ve already received over $500 in donations!! I am blown away by the generosity of others!

My friend, Lisa, was the very first person to donate! Yay, Lisa!

Then I was reminded how cool the internet is, and how thankful I am for the people I have met through HASHTAGS!  Karen made a donation in support of me, and btw, how awesome is this photo of her?!

My friend, Stephanie, found out that she got accepted in to the MARINE CORPS MARATHON and made a donation to me – awesome!! (It will be her FIRST marathon and I get to help her train!!)  

OKC Love! My OKC running buddy, Nelly, was also generous with a donation and support!  

More internet love! My friend, Kate, from Colorado made a donation! She has OK connections, so that’s pretty special to me!  

JOANNA! I met Joanna in 2013 at Quartz Mountain. At that time I had no clue I was meeting a dear friend for life. She lives in San Francisco so our time together isn’t always long, but I get to see her again in June…thank you for your donation!!  

Love from the pack! Jamie made a very generous donation! Jamie recently finished her first half marathon too – she’s awesome! (And, she has already started planning a fundraiser event for me and Deanna!)

More love from the pack! I just started running with Jean, and I am so glad we have shared some miles! She is so kind and inspirational!   

So OMG! I have posted my link in the “link love” posts on facebook for Team #RunDisney, but I never thought it would actually get any traffic. Ken made a donation from my post!! That’s so cool!

Jamie has been by my side since the start of my running career and always encouraged me!! Thank you for your donation and constant support!

My Grandma has always been so supportive and encouraging to me, including with my crazy running habits!  She loves Donald Duck so my Donald medals are always in her honor!

Even though my mom says I don’t get my running passion from her, she is passionate about supporting me in my crazy adventures through running.

I have also received a very generous donation from my former co-worker, Angela, and my friend, TJ, but I don’t have a picture to post just yet of both of them! I am so thankful for Angela’s support, even when I don’t get to see her everyday anymore. TJ is an incredibly strong woman, and I’m thankful for her bassoon skills. Because she was a private instructor for one of my students, we connected and discovered we were both runners! TJ has inspired me with her running journey and I look forward to her future accomplishments!

When I first posted about my NYC Marathon Fundraising Kickoff, I held a challenge for people to sponsor miles. The more miles they sponsored, the greater chance they would have to win. Since the donations came in so quickly, I decided to do two challenges. After I got the notification of a donation, I would contact my donor and ask them which mile(s) they would like to sponsor. And the winners are…

JAMIE COBB! (She had mile 10 for the first challenge!)

And my Grandma!!

Stay tuned, I will have more challenges throughout my fundraising! THANK YOU to all of my supporters!!

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