Five Things Friday 4/24

1. 20th Anniversary 

Our last long training run for the spring season just happened to be on the 20th Anniversary of the OKC Murrah Building Bombing, which killed 168 people. We ran with our headlights on as a sign of respect to the victims, survivors, and families. In 1995, people drove with their headlights on for days after the bombing, so we wanted to show that we still remember 20 years ago.

After the run, I was able to attend the memorial ceremony at the OKC Memorial. It was such a touching, moving, and personal ceremony. President Clinton and many other leaders, including from 1995, spoke at the ceremony. The whole ceremony was emotional, but when the names of the victims were read, reality really hit home harder than ever. I was already ready to run the following Sunday, but at that moment, I was even more inspired to run to remember.


A local elementary school near the OKC Memorial.
A local elementary school near the OKC Memorial.


It was an honor to hear a President speak. This was the closest I will probably ever get to a President!
It was an honor to hear a President speak. This was the closest I will probably ever get to a President!

2. #bostonstrong

The Boston Marathon was on Monday. I was able to stream the marathon while I worked – and wow! The women’s finish was especially exciting! Every year I have many friends running in the race (my cousin has even competed!),  my family members volunteer at a water stop, and my Uncle Chris placed 9th in 1985 with a time of 2:24 and some change. My heart is to be in Boston someday…

After encouragement from a friend, I have decided that if I don’t qualify before I am 50 then I am going to run the Boston Marathon for charity. Qualifying for Boston is just such an achievement I never thought possible – I will likely still fundraise even if I do qualify since raising money for charity is so important to me.

One of my friends is a mom who has worked towards Boston, finally running this year. Her son is so proud of her – wow! I hope to have that someday. I hope I can be a good example, show that I have my own interests and goals, show that you have to work your butt off to get what you want, and maybe even inspire my kids along the way.


3. Team for Kids Fundraising Update!

Monday night was our first fundraising event! My running gal pal, Jamie, hosted a craft night fundraiser for us at Cafe iCon in Edmond. It went so well. I am beyond humbled by the generosity of others! Each participant got to choose a plaque to paint with the colors and design they wanted. They all turned out great and we had such a fun time creating the medal/bib holders together!IMG_3268

With Jamie - she's awesome!!
With Jamie – she’s awesome!!
One of the medal and bib holders!

After the craft night, I am officially HALF WAY complete with my fundraising for Team for Kids! My personal fundraising page can be found here.

4. Thursday

Our office walked to the Festival of the Arts together for lunch on Thursday. It was my very first time to the Festival, and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! We had a fun time eating our giant burritos and then some yummy, fried dessert! (BTW, I have been eating cleaner since I posted “A Heavy Topic” last week. I am down almost three pounds! I took this weekend off from worrying about the scale – I am still monitoring my calories, but not worrying about the number for now.)

Festival of the Arts goodness!
Festival of the Arts goodness!

Thursday night was our last group run before our big race on Sunday! I was fortunate enough to get to run with my friend, Stephanie, for the evening. This was also my first time to see Stephanie since she became DR. STEPHANIE!!! My friends are so awesome and inspiring!!

OKC Spring Training 2015!
OKC Spring Training 2015!

5. Race Weekend!!!

Race weekend for the OKC Memorial Marathon is officially underway. Our race is so special and I love welcoming people to OKC. It is especially fun to see the people that have gone through the training program on the verge of accomplishing something they didn’t think possible 16 weeks ago. (They might still be doubting, but they will be believers soon!) I got to volunteer at the Red Coyote booth for a few hours, but I headed to the expo for an hour before so I could grab the goodies I knew I wanted! I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend. It will get a post all by itself. 🙂

Some of my sole sisters!
Some of my sole sisters!



Kara Goucher is basically my life hero. Yeah, she’s an awesome runner, but she also has other qualities I hope to possess. She commented on an Instagram post of mine!!!! I’m on cloud 9 – race weekend is off to a fantastic start!!


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