A few things Thursday…

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So as you can see, I started my typical Five Things Friday post the night before my next expected post. Well, the next day we got some bad news and I just haven’t been able to shake it…and haven’t felt like blogging. But as we all know, life isn’t just flowers and rainbows so if I am going to truly do this blogging thing, it’s not always going to be pleasant.

Our kitty, ZaZu, wasn’t behaving completely normal so we took him in to the vet on May 1. ZaZu is playful and energetic, especially for a 16 year old cat. Even though we are aware of his age, it just feels like he should live forever. At our vet visit, the doctor discovered that ZaZu’s heart is failing. A week after the visit, we started him on a new medication, and I think we would both agree that ZaZu seems back to normal, even though we know his health isn’t. We have made sure for the last two weeks that ZaZu is comfortable and happy in every way possible. We have spent more time at home all together filled with tons of time spent on taking cute pics of ZaZu! We are taking ZaZu for a follow up appointment this weekend, so hopefully we will get a good report after he’s been on his new meds for a week.

Dose of reality has given me (and David) a hard time. I am thankful for more time with ZaZu, it’s just so hard knowing his heart is failing. I wish I could make him better, and I hope he isn’t in any pain right now. I have been depressed about the whole thing, and at times, it’s got the best of me. I have only run twice in the last two weeks. I am so scared I won’t be at home when ZaZu needs me. David finally convinced me that it was okay to have some “me” time, and stayed home while I went to run. (I am sure my lack of running hasn’t been great for my mood, so this was beneficial for David too…)

The rain and storms sure haven’t helped anything either. I am very thankful that storm damage has been minimal at our house (and our family and friends!) so far, but storm after storm after storm is emotionally exhausting. I am ready for tornado season to be over, and hoping for more days of dry sunshine in the near future!

I stayed home with ZaZu the night of the Purcell Band Banquet. While it was tough to not see my school kids, I am happy one of us could stay home to take care of ZaZu. Every year the seniors present the directors with some type of gift, and this year’s gift was so special and unexpected! (Yes, I cried when David delivered it at home!)

A very thoughtful and special gift!

As you may remember, I have posted about wanting to get my eating in check, and hopefully lose some weight. We have been eating so much better in the last month. David is down almost ten pounds and I’ve lost a solid five pounds. (Last week I had lost a total over six but have gained a pound since.) I am really proud of both of us, especially while going through some stressful times. I’m an emotionally eater so I’ve been trying to find something other than chocolate to fill my “emotional” hunger. My group of sole sisters has helped me stay encouraged and having David as a support system (and cook) has helped tremendously. I’m hopeful that we can continue good habits. I just need to get in better habits with working out…

We celebrated four months of marital bliss. David made whole wheat pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, turkey bacon, and served coffee in a mug from our honeymoon to celebrate!


We also had a good Mother’s Day. We joined my family for dinner at my parent’s house. It’s always great to spend time with all of the kids together.

Bonus – Elleigh and Bradleigh did my hair 🙂

David also surprised me with cards from our fur babies. He knows I’m a sucker for cards with that Gold Crown, and I’m glad he could help the pets fill out the cards. 😉 (He even put little paw prints!)

Regarding work, we are in the middle of David finishing another school year and me getting ready for another summer institute in June.

That’s our life update for now. If you have a spare moment, do you mind sending some good thoughts to our ZaZu? I know to some he may just be a cat, but he’s one of our babies.