NYC Marathon Training – Week 3

NYC Marathon Training – Week 3

Day 1, Monday, July 13: cross-training

I took the stairs option every time I could and worked on several to-do items at home during the evening. Might be silly cross-training, but I felt accomplished!

Day 2: Tuesday, July 14: 3 miles

Nothing terribly eventful happened during this run, I basically thought about chocolate milk the entire second half. 🙂

Workout summary: ran 3.1 miles, total time: 35:05; avg. pace: 11:19; 11:49 / 11:25 / 10:49 / 10.18 for .1.

Day 3: Wednesday, July 15: 6 miles

Okay, only one more mile than the Wednesdays of the last two weeks, but felt a lot longer. This was my first time to run 6 miles from home so I wasn’t exactly sure of my route before – perhaps this is why it felt so much further!

I love sunrise runs!
I love sunrise runs!
Ahhh!! Lemon yogurt popsicle after a very humid 6 miles!

Workout summary: ran 6.01 miles, total time: 1:08:17; avg. pace: 11:22/mile; 11:55 / 11:18 / 11:13 / 11:48 / 11:12 / 10:48.

Day 4, Thursday, July 16: 3 miles

Wellllllll, I stayed up way later than normal the Mustang DCI show, so this was a really tough run. I am proud of myself for still getting up early to get the miles before work!

The start of many cups of coffee to get me through the day!

Workout summary: ran 3.11 miles, total time: 35:16; avg. pace: 11:20/mile; 11:53 / 11:23 / 10:48 / 10:32 for .11.

Random text about running that makes me SO happy!

Day 5, Thursday, July 17: rest day

It was great to spend my rest day with the now HALF IRONMAN, Katie!

Workout summary: swirls and nachos consumed!

Day 6, Saturday, July 16: 5 miles at race pace

See? We can have a fun Friday night and still get up to run the next morning!

Workout summary: ran 5.01 miles; avg pace: 10:36/mile; 10:47 / 10:35 / 10:33 / 10:34 / 10:31; donuts consumed post workout!

Day 7, Sunday, July 19: 6 miles

I ❤ running in downtown OKC with some of my favorite people!
mid-run selfie!
A little construction won’t slow us down!

Workout summary: ran 6.01 miles; avg pace 14:04/mile; 13:06 / 13:15 / 14:14 / 15:22 / 14:18 / 14:09.

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