NYC Marathon Training – Week 4

Day 1, Monday, July 20: cross-training

Workout summary: 9 flights of stairs; up and down; twice with David!

Day 2, Tuesday, July 21: 3 miles  

Rainy morning in Tulsa!

Workout summary: ran 3.1 miles; avg pace 11:20/mile; 11:23 / 11:29 / 11:07 / 11:28 for .1.

Day 3, Wednesday, July 22: 6 miles

Due to storms in the morning, I had to run at lunch. So exhaustingly hot and humid. . .but done!

Workout summary: ran 6 miles; 11:14 avg pace: 10:51 / 10:54 / 11:11 / 12:27 / 11:10 / 10:53.

Day 4, Thursday, July 23rd: rest day

I traveled from Tulsa to OKC, and then OKC to KC that evening. . .rest day for me!

Workout summary: consumed lots of junk food!

Day 5, Friday, July 24th: rest day

Today was an actual rest day. We traveled from KC to Iowa in preparation for the Bix 7!

This picture CRACKS me up! We had a great selfie of all of us and then that darn wind!
Yay – our whole group in Iowa!

Workout summary: enjoyed a wonderful evening with Anne’s parents! And we threw Carrie a surprise birthday party!

Day 6, Saturday, July 25th, The Bix 7

These sparkly coyotes are ready for the hills of Iowa!

Workout summary: ran 7.03 (hilly and crowded) miles; avg pace 10:50/mile; 11:32 / 10:26 / 10:58 / 11:02 / 11:06 / 11:13 / 9:34. Met goal of running every hill!

Day 7, Sunday, July 26th, rest day

We traveled back home today, so rest day!

Workout summary: kept Jeffery awake so we didn’t die on the way home. . .

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