Oliver’s Name

I’ve had a list of names for my future child since I was a kid myself. What’s funny is that once I was pregnant at 31, most of the names on my list changed. (Part of this is due to David and I being teachers. Certain names are an automatic no.) We didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby until s/he was born, so we created two lists. We haven’t shared those lists with anyone yet because we aren’t sure if our family will grow in the future or not, so we are keeping those lists private. I also wanted to make sure we had a list so I wouldn’t do something drastic in a time of emotional (and drug) overload. I told David if I asked for a name other than what was on one of our lists, to wait a while before committing, ha!

Oliver made the list of boy names, but Olivia was not on our list of girl names. Several people have asked if we just chose a name that could go either way since we didn’t know the sex. Oliver felt more right on the list so it stayed. I love the name Olivia, but it didn’t make the cut. There are meanings behind every name on our list and I thought I would share how we came up with Oliver.

It will come to no surprise that some of the names on the list are Disney inspired in some way. When we were brainstorming and looking at lists, we came across the name Oliver. Of course I immediately thought of one of my favorite childhood movies, Oliver and Company.


We let the name sink in for a while and then we felt like the name was meant to be on our list. Oliver is an orange tabby cat that lives in New York City. Why is this important? We used to have an orange tabby cat that passed away a few months before I got pregnant with Oliver. (And now Oliver has ZaZu’s chair in his room!) I ran the NYC Marathon with the hopes of achieving a certain time goal that was my, “pre-motherhood marathon” goal time. I knew after having a child, training and running marathons might not be about time at first so I wanted to give my all to see what I could do. I finished with minutes to spare under my goal. NYC is a special place, but I feel a closeness to the city now that I accomplished a dream there and felt it was one last “sign” that I was about to become a mother.


I haven’t created a blog post yet about the first few days of Oliver’s life, so some of this will likely be repeated later. But in short, Oliver was in the NICU for a couple of days and I had a hard time coming out of the medicine. David and I did not want to name our child until both of us got to hold him. I didn’t get to hold my son for several hours after he was born, so he didn’t get a name immediately. (Which drove the birth certificate lady in the hospital nuts, but come on!)

Below you can watch the moment Oliver received his name! His middle name is Robert, named after two of my grandfathers. I’m sad Oliver won’t ever get to meet them, but we look forward to telling him about them.


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